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Gibney Design LA PC provides comprehensive design services for municipal, commercial, residential, and institutional landscape development. Our approach to design and communication with our Clients focuses on their needs and aesthetic desires while incorporating creative and functional design.  We are dedicated to professional service and efficient production with a traditional philosophy of combining thorough site analysis, client programming, communication through graphics and written correspondence, our education and experience to create responsible, quality and value based

Our staff is familiar with the regulations and requirements of most Villages, Towns, Cities and Counties in the area. We consult and collaborate with many architects, engineers and other landscape architects.  The earlier we can be involved in the process, the more effective our services will be. Our services typically include any or all of the following: 
  • Discussion of client needs and preferences
  • Analysis of property features and constraints
  • Development of a preliminary design plan to illustrate the client’s ultimate vision within the constraints of the property and budget
  • Verification of compliance with applicable codes and ordinances
  • Review of the design with the client, making necessary landscape refinements
  • Assistance in obtaining approvals from jurisdictional bodies, such as city or county planning departments, homeowner’s associations and professional neighborhood planning groups
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Coordination of work with other design professionals
  • Construction Drawings (layout, grading/drainage, planting details and plant lists and specifications) used to obtain bids and implement design
  • Assistance in obtaining bids from contractors
  • Construction observation or review of work in progress, prices and quality consistency with design intent
  • SWPPP monitoring for NYSDEC compliance
  • Maintenance recommendations and inspections

Gibney Design LA PC also provides consultation services on an hourly basis to inspect properties prior to purchase, review existing conditions on established properties, provide information regarding tree preservation and transplanting, recommend mitigation for problems with plants, drainage, paving, etc. and maintenance.